About me

I'm a founder of “Rebel Tattoo Riga” shop which serves high quality works for clients and makes them proud owners of unique artworks.

Love to make color, black & grey animal and people portraits. Can combine them with watercolors or any other elements that fits clients taste. Besides tattooing I also do painting, pyrography and photography.


Fill out this form to book a consultation or appointment. Artist will reply to you by email within 1-3 working days.


The best way to get an accurate price range is to fill out "ONLINE BOOKING" form. Cost of the tattoo depends on it’s style, size, color and placement on the body.

No, consultation ir for free, but you have to make an appointment before you come to the studio by filling out form "ONLINE BOOKING". If you have any other questions please call +371 26248986 (working days 11:00-18:00) or write to renjute@gmail.com

Most painful places would be spine, armpits, ribs, elbows, knees, but everyone has their own level of pain so the same body part can hurt differently for different people. In our studio we use pain relief sprays and ointments to make clients feel comfortable during long sessions.

Before you go to get tattooed, make sure that you are well hydrated.

Take with you some snacks and sugary drinks, it will give you more energy during long tattoo sesions

Do not skip the meal prior to attending your tattoo appointment and get enough sleep.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Don’t drink liquor or take drugs before getting a tattoo

Place where your new tattoo is going to be can't be sunburned, with deeps cuts, scratches, and thick, unhealed scars

Please don't bring small children or animals to tattooing session



Keep the plastic wrap on for 3-4h

After taking the plastic wrap off gently wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap and warm water

Apply Bepanten plus cream in thin layer at least 3-4 times per day

Tattoo can’t be dry

Do not scratch or pick at your tattoo. or touch it with dirty hands

Avoid soaking the tattoo.Keep your showers short, under 5-6 minutes.

Do not expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight. After healing, you will still need to protect your tattoo by wearing a sunscreen

Avoid working out for at least 4-6 days

If you have any questions feel free to contact your artist or studio